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Current Affairs in Nicaragua


A few facts about Nicaragua are as follows for those who may not be very familiar with the country. Nicaragua is one of the largest countries located in Central America that consists of over six million people of various ethnic backgrounds. Spanish is the most commonly spoken language in this region. (

A country consisting of millions of people is bound to make headlines ever so often. Currently, there is quite a bit that is going on and has been going on in the region that has not made its way to American headlines.

Although the United States army was first founded in the late 1700s, Nicaragua is just now celebrating their army’s 37th anniversary. In order to commemorate this milestone, a traditional military parade was thrown. This consisted of over two-thousand troops marching in the parade. The army’s equipment also made a guest appearance during the march. Many officials from different countries attended the prestigious occasion.(

In other news, linguistics has made recent headlines among various social media outlets in the United States about a Starbucks worker who used video communication at a drive-thru to better service a deaf customer by using sign language. We are familiar in the United States with sign language, but how does this exactly work when dealing with a language other than English? In Nicaragua, there is a school for the deaf and the blind that goes by the name of Melania Morales, which is located in Mangua. Their teaching techniques there are highly respected and deemed highly effective. Later on, this school grew to be the goldmine for global research regarding the evolution of language, including signed. This was a very important time in the history of Nicaragua because the end result was the formation of sign-language in a language other than English. It was a pivotal moment for researchers, because it helped them observe how the brain functions in accordance to different languages. As popularity grew for this particular school, students overseas were drawn to it. Service trips were concocted and allowed for student learning. These students worked in conjunction with those who already worked for Melania Morales and would pursue tasks that benefited the students, not only educationally, but emotionally.(


Recently, there was a tank oil explosion in Nicaragua. The image above shows the smoke rising from the oil explosion and clouding the surrounding area.  It was reported that the explosion was started within a single tank on one day before spreading to a second tank the following date. The first tank consisted of 144,000 barrels of oil. Puma Energy confirms these incidents. Luckily, there were no injuries or fatalities that resulted from this explosion.(

Nicaragua’s latest hot topic happens to be their President – Daniel Ortega. He is technically the President, but many refer to him as a dictator. It is no secret that he came from a not-so-aesthetic background, so the question at hand is why is he not taking the poor into consideration when he puts new laws into effect? He comes from poverty and owes his success to a priest from his childhood who sponsored his education. The people have deemed their president as one of the most bloodthirsty murdered in their entire history. Ortega came across criminal ways in the late 60s and was arrested for robbing a bank in city his family had currently resided in. He spent seven years in prison, and during this time he had somewhat of a following – including people that took commands from him. One of the commands he set out to his entourage was to kill any and every one who was in opposition of the robbery he had previously committed. This is when it became apparent he found himself to be above the law. Time went on and his fame grew. He became to be the president and with that he slowly eliminated anyone he found as a threat. He is running for his third term and after announcing his newest running mate, Rosario Murillo, his wife who is known for her drug and alcohol abuse, the country has officially considered themselves under a dictatorship.(

In conclusion, there is currently a lot that is going on in Nicaragua that we are not aware of. The country may not seem very big when being compared to the United State that we are so used to, but for a country that consists of six million people they are making progress. All the way from their army celebrating yet another anniversary to the advancements that are taking place for the blind and deaf youth to the ongoing political issues of a possibly corrupt President and his running mate/First Lady – it is safe to say there is a lot going on among current affairs taking place in Nicaragua.



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