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The main language spoken in Nicaragua is Spanish.


A state language can be defined as the language that is legally given to a particular country, state, or region. In this instance, the state language can be recognized as Spanish.


Although the primary language in Nicaragua is Spanish, the country is home to several indigenous languages. English is also spoken in Nicaragua.


Those who may be familiar with Spanish know that Spanish-speaking countries often have their own version of Spanish. For example, the Spanish that is spoken in Spain differs from the Spanish that is spoken in Nicaragua. In this case, Nicaragua has their own version of Spanish, which is often referred to ask Nicanol, or “Nicaraguan Spanish”.


As far as indigenous languages, they are more common on the Caribbean coast. We can now take a deeper look into these languages. Miskito, Rama, and Sumo are spoken in Nicaragua to name a few. Nicaragua also consists of minority languages due to the several various ethnic groups that reside within the country.


A hot topic lately is how language affects sign language. Nicaragua has recently made advances in their sign language linguistics and Nicaraguan Sign Language is now recognized.



Indigenous languages in Nicaragua propose a slight problem when it comes to educational and research programs involving the various languages. The issue at hand is that there is a struggle to resolve a contradiction in the development of bringing fairness and equality to a diverse nation. Language rights have now become a thing and they were put in place in attempt to promote equality amongst the various ‘tribes’ who speak one or more of the indigenous languages previously mentioned. A step in the direction of progression includes language research and development programs. This will help integrate more languages into society, so that not one language becomes more powerful than another.



Nicaragua is a member of the United Nations as of October 24, 1945.


Nicaragua is a member of the IMF, which is the international monetary fund, as of March 14, 1946.



Nicaragua is a member of the WTO, which is the world trade organization, as of September 3, 1995.



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