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Image resultEveryone has a responsibility and moral obligation to take care of the beautiful planet we live on. There is no back up location we can go, if/once Earth becomes an unlivable environment. We need to set aside any current issue, to focus on fixing this problem. It is more crucial than anything else, because it decides the fate of our future and if we even have a future. This is because if we don’t have land or fresh water, the entire human race will quickly dwindle if not diminish. People are losing their homes and land already because of the increasing temperatures, rising sea levels and floods.

But too many people, powerful people, are not doing anything to help. They are choosing current profits over the lives of future generations. We have the technology and the ability to stop using coal mines and transfer to a renewable source such as wind mills and nuclear plants. The government is not allowing the transfer to occur, due to the large amount of money it would take to exchange the machines and the jobs it would take away. While those are both negative factors, it is worth it if we are able to have longer healthier lives. Especially because most American’s have no idea that a cleaner technology is available to use! So they naïvely follow, not looking for changes that could and should be made because they don’t know that they are options. If they do know they options, they most likely do not have the opportunity to voice their opinions, on a large enough platform to be heard by many.

Other countries are already dealing with the negative effects, but we are privileged to stay in oblivion of what other countries are actually dealing with. We simply send disaster care and money their way, hoping it will make it up. But it won’t. The issues will continue to rise until action is finally taken. Unfortunately, it will most likely be too late. The golden time to react would have been at least ten years ago. It is better to start making the changes now, rather than later. If no changes are made now, it will be too late to make a difference for the future. There comes a point that no matter how much you try to fix, if it was already damaged, you cannot undo all the wrongs of the past.
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Costa Rica is not involved with, but they have many nonprofit organizations that are keeping a watchful eye on the land and environment, while educating others on how important it is to maintain the parks and the land. One is called Osa Conservation. They specifically focus on the Osa Peninsula because it “harbors 2.5% of the biodiversity of the entire planet in less than a thousandth of a percent of its total surface area” (Osa). That is a major amount of wildlife, and nature in such a small amount of space. It is held very near and dear to Costa Rica, as it should be. There is also SINAC which stands for National System of Conservation Areas committed to building a healthy environment and ecologically balanced. There is also OTS which stands for Organization for Tropical Studies. They are focused on researching the “responsible use of natural resources in the tropics” (OTS). They also have educational study abroad programs to educate the upcoming generations to keep them informed and leaders in the upcoming future years. OTS has multiple chapters for different countries in the tropical counties. Fundacion Keto conserved the marine and coastal resources and make sure any tourism is done in the most conservative ways without ruining or polluting the habitats of many rare wildlife. The Monteverde Conservation League is a very well-known organization in Costa Rica, working for reforestation, research, protection, monitoring, and sustainable development. They recently have formed the “largest private reserve in Costa Rica: The Children’s Eternal Rainforest” protecting the rainforest forever. Allowing generations after generations to be able to view, learn and continue to protect. They hope that this will spark interest in children to get jobs in the environmental industry, or if they pursue other industries, to keep nature in mind as they battle ethical decisions.

Costa Rica has many other amazing organizations who are working to fix and protect the land. They are a very environmentally focused country which brings me a lot of joy. It gives me hope that many more will follow in their footsteps. The people of these organizations work should not be over looked because of its deep importance to our future. They deserve more funding and credit for their hard work and great progress. It is crucial for these groups to be formed and have dedicated members, to keep the beautiful and natural land safe from greedy and ruthless people.


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