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Sex trafficking is a form of modern slavery that exists throughout the United States and worldwide alike. This is possible because the people that facilitate this form of slavery use violence methods to keep their victims under control. These victims often include adults and children from various backgrounds.



Sex trafficking, also known as sex slavery, is currently an issue in Nicaragua. Sex trafficking is a growing problem in this region and it is beginning to have social impact internally and externally. There are several societal factors that contribute to this problem. When people fall victim to sex trafficking it can happen a number of ways – coercion being one of them. Nicaragua’s poverty plays a huge role in this. According to statistics, Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Latin America and Caribbean region. Poverty is a contributing factor in this case because due to how poor some people are; they seek things they do not have whether they are material or mental things. This is where coercion comes into play. Some of these victims are often promised a better, richer life or told they’re going to be loved and cherished for the rest of their lives, but this is simply coercion. Another contributing factor that ties all of this together is the fact that majority of the Nicaraguan population, about 64.3%, is under the age of thirty years old. About half of the teenage population is not pursing education; therefore, they easily fall victim to exploitation. These individuals – young or uneducated or poor or all of the above – are the ideal targets for traffickers and the number is so high that sex trafficking is not an easy problem to tackle. Another fact that contributes to all of this is that Nicaragua is one of the most popular transit routes for drugs due to its geographic location. The individuals that move these narcotics also coerce people – they coerce the poor people who reside on the routes in which they travel by offering them sums of money. Once the faces of these poor indigenous people are exposed, they become susceptible to human trafficking because traffickers will learn of their situation and begin devising ways to coerce them. Today UNICEF works closely with the region to minimize, and hopefully one day eliminate, the issue of sex trafficking. (

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The article Born Free talks about the Sustainable Development Goals that came into effect in 2016. Around the year 2000, the international development community started organizing themselves around accomplishing MDGs – also known as UN Millennium Development Goals. A lot of money has gone into these goals including campaigning. Although some may benefit from Millennium Development Goals, others do not. These set of goals have resulted in the exclusion of some major issues going on in the international community. Human trafficking is not addressed but any of the goals. In fact, it was stated that “we are not interested in trafficking” or “we do not work on trafficking” at various times. From the looks of it, organizations wanted to no parts in the trafficking issue. Human trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar industry. This may seem intimidating to outside groups who could potentially help at least minimize this issue. Is the problem too large in relation to these aid groups or is the potential consequences causing fear in the organization? It is no secret that those who solicit humans for profit use fear and intimidation to have control over their victims, but how could they potentially react to third parties attempting to interfere in their business? There are ways around this issue. In order to combat human trafficking, take away the factors that traffickers take advantage of when preying on villages or communities. Donor communities should use their funds to aid extreme poverty so that people do not feel the need to involve themselves in street activity in order to feed their families. Poverty has by far played the largest role in aiding traffickers in obtaining victims. They can also decrease HIV rates or improve maternal health. It would also be beneficial if these communities could recruit other organizations to help aid these potential methods of halting human trafficking. As time goes on, these poverty rates are rising and more people are not left with many options as far as income. Younger adults may get lured in because they are not financially wealthy and get provoked by a glamorous lifestyle then find out it is not so glamorous. I believe the issue of human trafficking needs to be brought to the attention of more countries – countries that are more financially stable and have adequate resources to help aid in the achievement of these goals. These problems should raise concern not only in the countries they occur in, but the surrounding countries as well. Neighbors should come together and help fight the disgusting human trafficking industry. (Born Free)


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